Information and Communication Technologies

We provide legal advice and protection in the field of new technologies.

Law firm specialising in ICT

One of the areas of legal practice of our firm is the field of information and communication technologies, offering advice on information society services, electronic commerce, data protection, conflicts between distinctive signs and domain names, as well as the prosecution of criminal conduct on the Internet. 

Experts in legality applied to new technologies

On the other hand, the actions of companies through the Internet require compliance with specific regulations, especially the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce and the Organic Law on Data Protection. At BERENGUER & POMARES we develop the legal framework applicable to e-commerce, B2B commerce, collection of personal data, etc., carried out by our clients over the Internet.

Digital security experts

The Internet phenomenon has also favoured the appearance of new types of crime such as phishing or pharming, which involve attacks on the security systems of banking institutions. At BERENGUER & POMARES we work for important banking entities in the prosecution of these crimes, collaborating with the State security forces and bodies in the prosecution and identification of the perpetrators and representing our clients in criminal proceedings.

Technological legal advice

We have a team specialised in advising on all types of digital and technological environments. We adapt to the solutions and legal requirements of each technological project, with the ICT field being one of our strengths.